[Art_Beyond_Sight_Educators] Museum Tour Book

David Andrews dandrews920 at comcast.net
Sun Jan 24 19:35:37 UTC 2021

>Dear Mr. Andrews,
>I am a retired pediatrician who has volunteered in the accessibility 
>department of the Museum of Fine Arts (in Boston) for over a decade. 
>I created and led tours there for the blind, including students at 
>Perkins School for the Blind.
>Years later, at 90 years old, locked in with Covid-19 and cancer, I 
>wrote a book about my experience with one visually impaired visitor 
>to the museum. It's essentially the story of how art can be taught 
>to the blind, a reminder that museums are accessible to the blind. 
>It is available as an audiobook, on Amazon & Audible & iTunes.
>Links are here:
>I spoke with Jenivieve White at the National Federation of the Blind 
>who gave me your contact information and suggested I contact you to 
>ask if you would consider adding it to your internet mailing list. I 
>would appreciate any feedback from you.
>I am very ill at the moment and with high hopes of sharing this book 
>with the blind. Thank you so much for your consideration.
>Kind regards,
>Luisa Stigol, M.D.
><mailto:luisastigol at gmail.com>luisastigol at gmail.com

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