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>Subject: NBP-Announce: Hailstones... Now downloadable!
>Thanks to a wonderful customer suggestion, you can now read "Hailstones
>and Halibut Bones" as an eBraille download! (The print/braille book is
>also still available, of course.)
>Mary O'Neill's unique book is about colors that can be heard, touched,
>and smelled. Originally published in 1961, it has become a classic, at
>twice the length of most children's books.
>O'Neill explores 12 different colors in 12 poems. Each series of poems
>relates to a color, "What Is Green," "What Is Gold... Red... Blue," and
>so forth.
>         Blue is a heron, a sapphire ring,
>         You can smell blue in many a thing:
>         Gentian and larkspur, Forget-me-nots, too.
>         And if you listen, you can hear blue
>         In wind over water....
>"After more than twenty-five years, the poems, like colors, still sing.
>Kudos to Doubleday for letting Hailstones continue to live."
>- School Library Journal
>Hailstones and Halibut Bones
>Print/braille edition OR downloadable eBraille edition, $9.95
>In contracted braille
>Ages 8 and up
>Order either version of this book at
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