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I am so moved by the vision in my head of his independent exploratory
investigations. What a wonderful way for him to independently  de-construct
old beliefs about those lines and how wonderful it is to imagine him sitting
on one just putting his arms and mind around the enormity of his discovery.
Thank you for that share, and keep on keeping on!

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This is soooo exciting. We have been reading and re-reading articles on the
NFB site. We took Jack out for his first cane outing yesterday! We went over
to a local school after hours. There is a big wide sidewalk with cracks, a
tiled area, flagpole, curbs up and down...very exciting place! 

Jack really seemed to enjoy using his cane. I have attached a video showing
some of his cane use on our first outing. Dad (David) and I are holding
bamboo walking sticks since we don't have canes.

Because Jack is partially sighted he is figuring out how to use the cane to
help him gain more information about what he thinks he sees. For example,
when Jack comes up white lines in the parking lot, they must look to him
like a curb or some sort of step up. He almost always tries to lift his leg
as if to step up. Yesterday you should have seen him! He sat down on the
ground (parking lot was empty) and he ran his cane across the white line
over and over. He seemed fascinated that it was smooth unlike what it
appeared to be to him. 

AND this morning he used his cane (and still our hand-holding assistance as
always) to identify the steps as he descended the 14 steps to the garage of
our split level home!

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It's funny, because the teaching cane is one of Joe Cutter's ideas on 
how to get kids interested.  I think you'll like his book.  And, 
yeah, we figured out you meant pix.

At 06:27 PM 4/7/2010, you wrote:
>LOL...sorry guys, I was a bit tired when I sent that email out last night
>and I meant are pictures allowed through the list? I've been on lists that
>don't allow attachments and I could not remember if this was one of them.
>Thanks for the resources, Carol.
>And my hubby is all over using this cane. He printed out several articles
>for our son's teacher to read. :) My heart flutters....
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>Are emails allowed through the list? I've attached a picture of Jack and
>new cane. My brilliant husband picked it up and held it out himself in the
>bathroom on the tile where it was sure to make lots of noise. Soon Jack was
>running after him wanting to do it too!
>I should have prepared better for this. What are your
>recommendations/tips/books or websites to read for getting started?
>Marie (mother of Jack, 4 years old with Apert Syndrome)
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