[blindkid] Math technology

Pat Renfranz dblair2525 at msn.com
Fri Apr 9 21:36:01 UTC 2010

My daughter will be taking Algebra II next year in 9th grade. She uses
Braille/Nemeth texts with tactile graphics. She's gotten by just fine with
relatively low-tech math tools.

We are wondering if it would be useful for her to start using an accessible
graphing calculator. Does anyone have any practical advice on using one of
these programs? I am looking into the Audio Graphing Calculator from
ViewPlus and Math Trax from NASA. They both produce an audio signal
representing the shape of the function, while the AGC has the advantage of
being able to produce tactile graphs on a Tiger embosser. Maybe there are
other products available? Our school district has no experience with any of
them. Does anyone¹s teenager think this software is worth learning?

We are a little nervous about this, because our experience has been that,
math is great because you can pretty much always count on a Brailler, paper,
and sticky dots from the hardware store to NOT fail and to NOT require
specialized training that gets in the way of actually learning the

Thanks in advance for any help.

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