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Necessity is the mother of invention. Your approach does seem to take into
consideration Michaels concerns.

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Interesting you say that, Mike.  We made lots of 
graphs for Serena to use for algebra I & II.  She 
did use them and plotted away.  However, when she 
took physics, she did all of it via math 
formulae.  I really don't know if one was more 
meaningful to her than the other.

For graphing, we glued two pieces of string down 
for the axes.  String is good because it allows 
the person to see the axis and the background at 
the same time, thereby giving context.  Then 
Serena would plot the graph with bits and lines 
of Wikki Stix.  For the ones that needed shading, 
we used aluminum foil.  It was nice because when 
you pressed it down over the graph paper, you 
could still feel the graph lines, again giving 
context, yet it felt different from the bare graph paper.  Seemed to work


At 11:07 PM 4/9/2010, you wrote:
>I'm sure many will disagree with me here but I 
>could never fathom how audio could accurately 
>convey graphics to the blind. In my book, graphs 
>are only crutches to illustrate abstract 
>concepts and math teachers are only as good as 
>they can deal with the abstractions without needing to "picture"
>Mike Freman, B.A. and M.S. in physics
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>My daughter will be taking Algebra II next year in 9th grade. She uses
>Braille/Nemeth texts with tactile graphics. She's gotten by just fine with
>relatively low-tech math tools.
>We are wondering if it would be useful for her to start using an accessible
>graphing calculator. Does anyone have any practical advice on using one of
>these programs? I am looking into the Audio Graphing Calculator from
>ViewPlus and Math Trax from NASA. They both produce an audio signal
>representing the shape of the function, while the AGC has the advantage of
>being able to produce tactile graphs on a Tiger embosser. Maybe there are
>other products available? Our school district has no experience with any of
>them. Does anyone¹s teenager think this software is worth learning?
>We are a little nervous about this, because our experience has been that,
>math is great because you can pretty much always count on a Brailler,
>and sticky dots from the hardware store to NOT fail and to NOT require
>specialized training that gets in the way of actually learning the
>Thanks in advance for any help.
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