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Awsum.  I will go check it out.  I'll have to be sure not to look at the 
teacher's guide though, as part of the assignment is to use a preexisting 
book, but all origonal games and activities.  If I read about them, I might 
inadvertently use something similar.  If I happen to pick similar ideas, 
never having seen the official teacher's guide, that is alright.  I will of 
course have a look at that piece, after I have the bulk of my teacher's 
guide finished.  Thanks so much.  Even if the age range is just too high for 
this assignment.  It is a great resource to have, as a homeschooling parent 
and as a student who wishes to teach kindergardin.
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>I am the author of the picture book, Keep Your Ear on the  Ball.  It sounds
> like the type of book you're looking for, but it's the  preschool thing
> that may be an issue, more than the "preachy" thing.  I  have used the 
> book in
> a number of school visits which included  kindergarten, but haven't read 
> the
> book to pre-K kids.  Check it out.   Possibly, if it's used in a small
> group with some discussion, it may prove to be  what you need.  Also, the
> publisher provides an entire Teachers Take Note  section to accompany the 
> book.
> It includes references, games, classroom  activities, and lots of other 
> fun
> stuff.
> _Keep Your  Ear on the Ball - Tilbury House_
> (http://tilburyhouse.com/childrens/keep-your-ear-on-the-ball.htm)
> Please let me know if I can be of assistance.
> Genevieve Petrillo
> Genevieve Petrillo
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> Ok, so I  am creating a literacy kit for my EDU200 class and I could use
> some  suggestions.  We are to select a book for pre-school aged kids, 
> develop
> games, art projects, other similar activities that appeal to as many of
> gardiner's multiple intelligences as possible, and a teachers' guide for 
> the
> book and activities.  I was hoping to find a book that didn't teach about
> blindness, as even very small children can tell when they are being 
> preached
> and lectured at, but rather one that features a blind character,
> prefferably a  blind child character.  They can be the main character or 
> just a
> secondary character.  The important thing is that the depiction be 
> accurate, not
> condescending, not "In your face educational" and that the book  have a
> plot and a story, not just a series of facts.  I searched for  three hours 
> last
> night on the internet with my fiance's help, and neither of  us could find
> any descent books.  They all had seriously sstigmatizing,  and often
> inaccurate depictions of
> blindness, in a "This is what  blindness is, this is what blind people are
> like, this is a guide dog, this is  a cane and this is braille, the end."
> format.  I want more of a "Blah  blah blah, beginning of story, introduce
> blind character, kid who just happens  to be blind, blabity blabity 
> blabity
> development of all characters and a plot  line, yadda yadda yadda, wrap up 
> story
> that has nothing to do with blindness,  but rather some other issue
> important to or of interest to kids, but with a  blind protagonist, or 
> even
> antagonist.  Blind kids are no more always  little angels than are sighted 
> kids.  I
> hope someone knows what I  mean.  Not having found a decent book like this
> I can't even offer up  examples of what I would like.  Any reccomendations
> would be  appreciated.  Thanks  much.
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