[blindkid] Technology and Little Kid

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Thu Feb 18 22:29:40 UTC 2010


If you can send your e-mail and phone to my work address: 
david.b.andrews at state.mn.us
I will pass along to her.


At 11:09 PM 2/17/2010, you wrote:
>Right on Mike. But also, four year old sighted kids are doing technology and
>are able to likely run the dvd player, the remote on the tv, the radio or cd
>player, dial 911 and play games at least on the computer or Wii. So the
>answers are how can she do the same things...what if any access does the
>child require, she can learn button placement and keyboard layout and number
>pad display layouts...non-visual techniques or touch technique. Maybe one of
>the free screenreaders to start exploring?
>You can also recommend our Saturday school to her, every third Saturday of
>the month 10am to noon at our center. One this Saturday. We have a couple of
>kindergarteners and there will be a separate parent class this time, she can
>meet other parents and start to get to know some blind adults and other
>blind children.
>Email me private Dave if you have questions or want to give her my phone or
>cell# or if u already have it, pass it on.
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>A slate and stylus!
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> >I got asked a question, the other day, and since most of my experience is
> >with blind adults -- I didn't know quite what to say.  A woman said she had
> >a four year old totally blind daughter, and she wanted her to keep up with
> >her peers in technology, so what assistive technology/technology is
> >here  -- should she start using with her child?
> >
> > Dave

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