[blindkid] Convention hotel questions

holly miller hollym12 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 05:24:58 UTC 2010

Thanks Denise!
I think I will call tomorrow and see if I can get a tower room.

It will be just Hank & I at convention so a rental car probably isn't cost
effective for us.  We're getting in early so maybe we'll venture out by cab
and stock up on some munchies & breakfast goodies.  Coffee pot Ramen noodels
anyone??? LOL!


On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 9:11 PM, Denise Colton <dlcolton at parkcity.net> wrote:

> Hi Holly,
> I've stayed twice at this hotel- I like the tower rooms but both atrium and
> tower are very nice.  Unfortunately, only a Denny's is within walking
> distance for food. I think it's worth the while to consider a car rental if
> you have the whole family.  My husband made frequent runs for our family of
> four to the McDonald's for breakfast and Subway for lunch for us when we
> were there two years ago.  A car also saves the cost of the cab/shuttle
> ride
> to and from the airport. On the downside I recall about a $15 per day
> parking fee so I would take that into consideration. Several good
> restarants
> not too far away but not walkable- maybe a cab ride would be feasible some
> nights?  I just called the hotel to confirm a rumor I had heard- several of
> the restaurants in the hotel are closed for re-modeling.  You can check the
> hotel website for a list of current hotel eating options.
> Denise

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