[blindkid] Talking Books vs saving for braille reading.

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Sorry for the late reply, but I was in the hospital and couldn't keep up.
Talking books are good as most children can comprehend 2-4 years above their 
reading level. However it is very very important for her to be reading that 
Braille. I'd probably make her read so many pages in Braille and then she 
can have the talking books. You may also think about trying Braille with the 
book playing for her to follow along. Having just reread the whole series of 
little house I wouldn't at second grade let her read anything beyond the 
long winter. Little town on the prairie and beyond are not second grade 
books unless you are OK with her learning about old time dating and some 
nasty behavior. They are however awesome books. All the American girl books 
are awesome. has she Read Henry and Mudge in Braille? A-z mysteries, and 
Amber Brown books are also good for her level.

Have fun reading!


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> Hello Everyone I hope everyone had a grand summer.
> I am having a bit of a quandary.  Abby is very much a beginning reader 
> right
> now.  She gets better and better. The books she reads are pretty basic and
> don't really have much of a story yet.  She loves talking books.  I see it
> as a good distraction and a good way to expose her to some exciting 
> stories.
> Also I think it better than TV for her. (she is a be of a TV addict  even
> though she has to watch it with her nose almost to the screen)     She has
> really gotten into the the Little House book series   I would prefer to 
> save
> some for when she can read them in braille but that could be a year off. 
> She
> is ready for more complex stories now.  She is 7 and in second grade and
> is really bright. (don't all parents say that ;) ) she is just  behind
> reading because she only started braille last winter (because she only
> suffer her vision loss last year)  She is listening to On the Banks of 
> Plum
> Creek right now.  I am tempted to lie to her and tell her i can't find the
> other books (bad mommy)  I want to 'save' great books for her to read.
> How to others deal with this hard in between time? by the way I got an
> American Girl Molly book off ShareBraille and she is very motivated to 
> read
> that. I know she will be reading it in a few months.
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> --Penny
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