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Michael also took chess for awhile and we too looked around for help and
didn't really find anything great.  Maybe this is why he lost interest, or
just went on to other things.  But I believe (which you may already know) a
second board is used (maybe only in "serious" matches???) so that the blind
player can feel the location of the pieces and move a piece to a location to
then visualize what would be the consequence of such a move.  Don't know if
a second board as a teaching board with the Braille on each square would be
helpful to have beside her (but it would still mean you doing it.)

The talking chess sets that sell for 50 - 80 dollars or so, really are not
blind friendly in case you were thinking about going that route.

Sandy Merchant Taboada.

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Kendra is learning to play chess in Chess Club at school. I'm trying to
improvise a teaching set for her. We already have a set with markings to
tell black from white with peg-style pieces that go into holes so they don't
slide off the board.

The main problem is that it has no rank and file numbers & letters and the
board it too small to fit them in dymo tape or the like. Also, I have seen
some "teaching sets" (for sighted players) with indications of the way the
pieces move on the base. 

Surely a similar set is available with raised indications of the moves or a
quick braille reminder on the base?

I'm wondering what anyone here may have run across before I try and attack a
larger set and board with a hot glue gun and a roll of dymo tape for the
braille. The rank and file markings have to be accomplished one way or
another if noting else as she needs them to follow discussions of strategies
and to be certain she is on the correct location. I'm sure she could get by
without that is some cases, but it slows her down to count over the spaces
over and over and she needs the same info that the other kids have anyhow. 

Surely someone has already created a better solution that will look better
(and be a lot less hassle for me too?)

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