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So then does the National Reading Media Assessment fix the problems
you cite with the traditional Learning Media Assessment?

On 11/2/12, Chantel Alberhasky <chantel at alberhaskylaw.com> wrote:
> It was my understanding the National Media Reading Assessment is in lieu of
> a Learning Media Assessment.
> Yes an IEP team must consider any IEE presented to it but it doesn't have to
> accept the IEE.  If you request an IEE at public expense (school pays for
> it), the school district must pay for it or file due process to have a
> hearing officer determine whether their evaluation is appropriate and an IEE
> is not needed.  The school district can provide you with a list of
> providers, but you are not required to use anyone on the list.  The school
> district can have a criteria the evaluator must meet - it can not be more
> stringent than that of its evaluators - and the evaluator need only met the
> criteria.
> If a parent has the financial resources to pay for an IEE, I find that is
> usually an easier route to just get the IEE on their own.  Many school
> districts have gone to automatically filing for due process when an IEE is
> requested as a way to deter other families from requesting an IEE.
> Finally, personally I don't think a Learning Media Assessment is a tool that
> should be used to determine whether a child learns Braille.  How a child
> learns has nothing to do with whether a child should be literate in Braille.
>  Many sighted kids are auditory learners, for example, but no one would ever
> then suggest the child should forgo learning print and just listen to books.
>  And yet our children are told this on a frequent basis in re to braille.
> I have a low opinion of the LMA and how it has been used to prevent children
> from being taught Braille.
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> Leah,
> The National Reading Media Assessment is designed to be used as part of
> Learning Media Assessment.
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