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Should we have our kids write letters too?  I am adding this to my to do
list for tomorrow.  Thank you for the reminder.
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On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 8:07 PM, Carlton Anne Cook Walker <
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> Dear friends,
> You have likely received information about the upcoming protest that the
> NFB is holding at Amazon headquarters next month. The reason for this
> protest is Amazon's new push to place Amazon Kindle Fires, Kindle ebooks,
> and a Whispercast software in schools throughout the country – and Amazon's
> continued refusal to make Kindle products and associated technologies
> accessible to blind students. It is particularly these associated
> technologies that are problematic: Kindle books are NOT accessible even
> when used on accessible devices.
> A few weeks ago, Mr. Chris Danielsen put out a call for letters. I set
> forth a portion of his email at the bottom of my message.
> I heartily encourage each of you to write a letter asking Mr. Jeff Bezos,
> the founder and president of Amazon, to make Kindle products, including
> ebooks, accessible to all, including the blind. Educational programming
> based upon inaccessible technology will necessarily lead to a separate and
> unequal education for students with blindness/visual impairment. Battles
> fought now will help shape the future of technology – will it be accessible
> or will accessibility become only an option? Please send your letter to
> Chris, as outlined below, NO LATER than December 1, 2012.
> I set forth, below, a portion of my letter to Mr. Bezos. Please do not copy
> it – we need to send real letters from real people, not form letters. Write
> from your heart – it will show.
> “This matter hit home with me just a few months ago. Prior to the start of
> sixth grade, my daughter came to me crying. In addition to the typical
> fears of entering middle school, she was petrified of her school's plan to
> utilize Kindle technology throughout her classes. She knew that Kindles are
> inaccessible to her. She knew the Kindle ebooks are inaccessible, even when
> she attempts to use them on her accessible devices. My little girl saw
> Kindles as yet another way she would be excluded from her peers. Please
> make the Kindle and its ebooks accessible so that my daughter may
> experience the wealth of learning and collaboration opportunities Kindle
> and its associated products offer.”
>  I thank you for your consideration of this request. By protecting our
> children's right to accessible educational technology, we protect their
> right to an education and to a world in which they may be judged by their
> intelligence and creativity rather than by their ability to see.
>  Carlton Anne Cook Walker
> President, National Organization of Blind Children
> Attorney at Law
> Teacher of Students with Blindness/Visual Impairment
>  From Chris Danielsen's request:
> “We are asking each of you, and/or your blind children, to write a letter
> to Amazon’s founder and chief executive officer, Mr. Jeff Bezos, explaining
> the harmful impact that the use of this inaccessible technology in the
> classroom will have on blind students . . . We plan to deliver the hard
> copy letters directly to Jeff Bezos at an informational protest, so please
> send the letters to us at National Federation of the Blind, 200 East Wells
> Street at Jernigan Place, Baltimore, MD 21230, Attention Chris Danielsen,
> Director of Public Relations.  To be included in our delivery to Mr. Bezos,
> we must receive your letter no later than December 1, 2012.”
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