[blindkid] Thank you NFB Family

Trudy Pickrel tlpickrel at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 13 15:18:10 UTC 2013

I want to say a tremendous Thank you to my NFB Family. Your Love and Support has gotten us thru this horrific time.  This is another of the many times the NFB family has helped to walk me thru rough times in our family.  I love you all.
For those that had not heard, On Dec 4th my Daddy, a vibrant, Supper Intelligent, Caring, Loving, Leader of our family was tragically and suddenly taken from us in a 4 wheeler Accident on his Vacation Farm in PA.  It has been a uplifting and inspirational time to hear how he has touched so many people in our county and State and in his home town and State of PA.  
My sons are very traumatized he was there grandpap first, and their mentor and business partner also. He was my husband go to for all things business.  And My mother's husband for 52 year.  It has left a great whole in our family.  
I thank the Lord for our strong faith and friends around us at this time.   I now have to do the catch up on the Business at hand and up and coming events with the MDPOBC along with continued support of my Mother and children thru this great loss.  
I want you all to know that you have elected a amazing board for the MDPOBC.  They took right over and pulled together and took up the slack for the up and coming events.  Thank you MDPOBC Board.
Thank you for the cards and flowers and donations.  All cash donation will be going to the MDPOBC.  It is my dad love for the Lions club and the Blind Skier program and he and mom's unselfish giving and hard work to host  4 groups of Students from the MSB, for Ice Cream parties, every year for about 25+ yrs that lead to our Adoption of Brandon, Maria and Miracle.  
Your kindness has got us thru this. Thank you

Trudy L. Pickrel
Maryland Parents of Blind Children 


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