[blindkid] Holiday message: Reaching out to blindkid listeners

Eric Calhoun eric at pmpmail.com
Sun Dec 15 19:33:09 UTC 2013

Dear listers:

It irritates me to say this, but I do not want to say it: I have helped
quite a few people out here.   But, every once in a while, when I reach
out, a few reject me, like Meredith Wilson.   This is not my intention
folks!  S per the purpose of this list, I reach out when many of you
parents have problems with your children, or if you have a
blindness-related question.  I thank the many of you that have helped me
out, but I have also learned a painful lesson in email etiquette: letting
go.  For the most part, I've seen some civil, lively debates.  Or
questions.  But I've learned to relax and not let my emotions get to me. 
It's my hope that all of you feel good for the Holidays and New Year.  But
let's try to be good to each other in doing so.  All of you have encouraged
someone else on this list.  To give you a brief example, when Cynthia
Davis, (hey, Cynthia?), talked about her son Jack and the pills, I told her
to be strong and encouraged.  She thanked me.

If I don't respond on list, I'll respond on Facebook.  So you may add me:
eric at pmpmail.com.

Thank you for opening up.  Not everyone will enjoy blindkid!  But to
those who do, don't be afraid to make a friend!  Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year!



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