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Braille Braille Braille. The only way to get faster is to read read read. Now, if he is unable to keep up and is falling behind, audio could be used sometimes, but not always.
"Back in the day" it was never a question of Braille. It was Braille! I was presenting many years ago at a state conference and made the statement that some of my students were reading 150 words per minute in Braille and I knew adults who read over 200 words per minute in Braille. The keynote speaker, who was presenting after me, abandoned her given topic and basically called me a liar, and tried to prove I was wrong, and it wasn't possible etc etc. This was 20+ years ago and I still get angry about being called a liar, and that "professionals" still don't think it is possible for a person to read quickly in Braille. It takes good teaching, a positive attitude, and lots of practice to get fast. 
I know I am "preaching to the choir!" Good luck.

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So last night at parent teacher conference I find out that they have been allowing our son in six grade to do all audiobooks. Reason why I don't know. The language arts teacher said will you please consider allowing him to do this after I stated that this was concerning to me. Because he says I was reading to be enjoyable. Excepting all thoughts on this. Mine is No No No. Must have Braille under fingers. If their  concern is slowness and enjoyment the only way to get that is with repetition.  

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