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Pass this around: *Attention Students! Win A Brand New BraillePen Touch
Refreshable Braille Display! Flying Blind, LLC Presents "The
BraillePenmanship Giveaway"!
-- *Flying Blind, LLC and Harpo, the Polish-based manufacturer of the
BraillePen and Mountbatten product lines, are offering one lucky student
the opportunity to win a brand new *BraillePen Touch Refreshable Braille
Display* valued at $995.00 USD!
A mountain of questions on so discover and pass this information to your
team: What does legally blind look like
<http://www.yourtechvision.com/content/what-does-legally-blind-look> New
upcoming technology: South Korean firm develops graphic tactile display for
people with vision disabilities

Begin to learn those great formulas in excel to accomplish those math
tasks: Excel-Create add, subtract, multiply, divide sheets that auto sum,
rename and add sheets-audio.visual lesson

Results from learning more sophisticated excel formulas: How to make a
curved line in a graph using Excel and talking software

Doing a Plot scatter graph with talking software: Excel-plotting a line
plot graph-copy to Word for Math

The power of perfect touch typing—quickly make a powerful PowerPoint
presentation: Blind student demonstrates PowerPoint


 PowerPoint Office 2010-taking you from the Basics to Presentation with JAWS

Here are some great ipad-iTool solutions: Visit the whole channel:

*Dr Denise*

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