[blindlaw] Portable devices

Andrew Webb awebb2168 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 02:26:52 UTC 2012

Hello all,


I would like to identify a highly portable and compact electronic device
that might be ideal for storing and reviewing data on the go.  The piece I'm
envisioning is one that I could easily carry along and pull out just about
anywhere, whether that's on the bus/train, working around the house, sitting
at the coffee shop, attending kids' soccer practice, etc.  I could use it to
download materials including cases, statutes, and assorted other documents
in a variety of digital formats.  I'd like to be able to easily arrange my
downloads into files for quick retrieval and review, and to be able to
highlight/bookmark salient portions of text.


Could I ask if, based either on personal experience or worldly wisdom,
anyone can suggest a device along these lines?  It has come to my attention
that the Victor Reader Stream  might be an apt choice, but I wondered if
there might be some other good possibilities out there.


Many thanks in advance!



Andrew Webb


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