[blindlaw] Spirit Airlines is no longer accessible using speech [Incident: 120307-000422]

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>         accessible using speech [Incident: 120307-000422]
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>Hello list:
>Here's the final word from Spirit Airlines regarding there inaccessible
>website.  It will follow my final reply to them.  Again the US Department of
>Transportation has dropped the ball on this one just like they did with the
>accessible airport boarding.
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>Dear Michelle:
>First I want to thank you for researching this serious matter both for me
>and all of the members of my Organization.   Regretfully I'll have to inform
>the 50,000 members of my organization to do business else where until Spirit
>Airlines website is accessible once again.  For this is the only way to
>achieve fare and equal access.
>I will check back from time to time to see if true access ever returns to
>spirit Airlines and will keep my members up to date.  It has been good doing
>business with you and hopefully we
>can resume doing business again in the future.
>Sincerely yours,
>Maurice P Shackelford
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>Subject: [Travelandtourism] Spirit Airlines is no longer accessible using
>speech [Incident: 120307-000422]
>[Travelandtourism] Spirit Airlines is no longer accessible using speech
>Discussion Thread
>  (Michelle 62611) - 03/27/2012 09:38 AM
>Dear Mr. Shackelford,
>Thank you for your patience as we investigated this matter thoroughly.
>We sincerely regret that you are unable to access the check box for the $9
>Fare Club membership and or the check box at the end of the booking.
>However, this is not a violation of DOT's disability rule. Please be advised
>that airlines are governed under the Department of Transportation and their
>disability rule, 14 CFR 382, and are under no legal obligation to provide an
>accessible website. We are required, under 14 CFR 382.31(c), to disclose
>web-based discount fares to any prospective passenger who contacts the
>carrier via other normal channels for inquiring about fares, making a
>reservation, or purchasing transportation (e.g. telephone reservation line,
>airport ticket counter) and states that he or she has a visual impairment
>and is unable to use the website. The carrier must sell a
>web-based discount fare to such a person if his or her itinerary qualifies
>for the fare as it is offered on the web (e.g., same cities and dates).
>Our IT Department has reviewed your claim and they have informed me that
>they changed the boxes on our booking path to styled check boxes which don't
>work in the browser types you've attempted to use. The change was made
>nearly a year ago and this has been the first complaint brought to their
>attention on the matter. They are reviewing options to allow these types of
>browsers to work with the needed functionality for our customers with visual
>I regret that I cannot offer more information on the matter, but thank you
>for bringing this to our attention.
>Please note, if you ever encounter problems when traveling with us, feel
>free to ask our Spirit Airlines customer service personnel for a Complaint
>Resolution Official (CRO). Our CROs have been specially trained and are
>aware of applicable Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of
>Transportation (DOT) disability regulations. Our CROs are available at all
>airport locations and will be glad to respond to your concerns.
>We trust we have addressed you concerns in a satisfactory manner; however,
>if you choose to pursue enforcement action, you have the right to contact
>the Department of Transportation, in accordance with ACAA and DOT rule 14
>CFR Part 382.
>Please feel free to contact me if you ever require assistance. We know you
>have a choice in air travel and are grateful you choose Spirit Airlines.
>Michelle 62611
>Disability Specialist/
>Corporate Escalation Officer
>Spirit Airlines

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