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Tim Elder tim at timeldermusic.com
Fri Aug 1 01:05:20 UTC 2014

Track changes are usable with JAWS.  Obviously, I cannot explain in detail here for sake of time.  I suggest you hire an expert JAWS trainer, possibly someone from Freedom Scientific, who can train you on how to use this feature.

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Hi all,

I hope this message finds you well.
I'd be very grateful if some of you could share the strategies that you employ for using track changes effectively.
I can't find a lot of useful material online which grapples with the challenge of using track changes as a JAWS user. I find it very difficult to make sense of the information that JAWS conveys when the track mode is turned on. More specifically, it is difficult to determine what information has been precisely inserted or deleted and this becomes all the more difficult when multiple people have edited the document.
I am not very familiar with the skim reading functionality offered by JAWS, so I'd love to know if skim reading can be an effective tool for determining what changes have been made to a document.
As per my understanding, you cannot determine the color in which changes made by different people should appear in MS Word, so I'm wondering if skim reading would be of much use in this context.

I'd love to hear your views/suggestions.


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