[blindlaw] LSAC accommodation denials based on combinations of prohibited factors, or of things only useful to non-disabled people

Sai sai at fiatfiendum.org
Fri Apr 6 18:11:50 UTC 2018

Hi all.

The DFEH consent decree prohibits LSAT accommodation denials based
"solely" on any of 3 specific factors:
1. average or above average IQ score,
2. high academic success, or
3. lack of formal history of the same testing accommodation

Please let me know privately if you or anyone you know has been denied
accommodations on the LSAT where the *only* reasons given for denial
were in those 3, AND either
a) the denial was for a combination of more than 1 of those factors, or
b) the requested accommodation was banal, or would not really be
useful to non-disabled people.

It doesn't matter whether it was before or after the consent decree.

By banal or not useful to non-disabled people, I mean things like:
* Braille, large print, non-Scantron, electronic format, magnifiers,
or book stands
* bringing food, drink, medications, or earplugs
* different lighting conditions
* wheelchair access
* sighted guide to, from, or around the test site
* bringing a phone specifically to enable getting to or from the test
site (e.g. Uber, maps, taxi), with no phone access during the test

It's OK (but irrelevant) if extra time or the like was also requested.

Feel free to forward this email at your discretion.

Disclaimer: I am not (yet) a lawyer. However, I promise to keep your
responses completely private, and only disclose to the extent you
specifically allow me to.

President, Fiat Fiendum, Inc.

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