[blindLaw] Legal software options for new position

Derek Dittmar derekjdittmar at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 21:09:11 UTC 2021

Evening all,

I have accepted a position with a local firm, starting on May 17.  I
am their first blind attorney, and we are looking at options for their
suite of legal software.  I am a jaws user but can transfer to NVDA if
given the need.  Does anyone have experience with the following?  If
so, I would love your thoughts.  Please feel free to write me directly
if preferable at derekjdittmar at gmail.com.
PerfectLaw Practice Management - https://www.perfectlaw.com/

Citrix Workspace – www.citrix.com

Citrix Files – www.sharefile.com

Ipro Tech Eclipse Desktop - https://ipro.com/

Thanks again.

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