[blindLaw] Reading the U.S. Code

Caleb E. Smith ces2266 at columbia.edu
Sun Oct 2 00:30:12 UTC 2022

Hi all,
Perhaps this has been asked before, but what tips do people have for
reading long, long sections of U.S. code that have many sub, sub-sub,
sub-sub-sub sections, etc?  I just started with a tax department and some
sections of the code get quite ridiculous. And obviously th*e advice from s*ome
lawyers in my firm, that they like to pull out the physical book so they
can better skim it and see the indentations, is not helpful.

Between JAWS, various services like Bloomberg, or using Word or other
resources, I don't know if folks have found a good way to read the code or
to arrange it to make it quicker to find things and jump around within a
given section.

Caleb Smith

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