[blindLaw] Do any of you use an Overhead book scanner?

Singh, Nandini NSingh at cov.com
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One other option is to ask your law library to assist with scanning. I did this frequently during school for both textbooks and research materials. Since you are asking for relatively short excerpts, I imagine that a staff member could handle in an hour or so depending on the equipment that the library has. Usually libraries have good and fast scanners since a request for scanned materials happens more than you think. I otherwise defer to others re: overhead scanner. I have never had the occasion to use one.

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Hello frieds,
I am writing a research paper and many large books are not digital. I have already given the accessibility office several to scan and they are taking a wile. I have other books where I only need one or two chapters. To speed up the process I was looking into overhead book scanners as an early Christmas present.

The benefits are that I do not have to cut the book up, and
they seem less cumbersome than using my phone to scan binded books. As I will not have to hold the phone and also hold the large books as flat as possible.
The drawbacks are that I have to turn the pages wile it scans, and the price.

 I was wondering if any of you have used any Overhead  book scanners like the:
Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 Overhead Book and Document Scanner
Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FW17FGI?tag=georiot-us-default-20&th=1&ascsubtag=dcw-us-1276987266392841500-20&geniuslink=true <https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FW17FGI?tag=georiot-us-default-20&th=1&ascsubtag=dcw-us-1276987266392841500-20&geniuslink=true>

Please  let me  know how you guys have approached the issue, if you guys have used an Overhead scanner, how was your experience, and which one you used.

Teresita Rios.
J. D. Candidate, University of Notre Dame Law School  2023.
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