[Blindmath] Summer University workshop in Vienna

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OK, here I go, but remember you did ask for advice.

I’m dividing the topics that I consider to be necessary into 2 categories, simply because the second category is of personal interest.

-	Working with MATLAB

-	Creating content in DAISY with MathML (to be possibly covered by Design Science?)

-	Producing Mathematical content using speech recognition tools (TalkMaths possibly?)

I’m willing to volunteer for the R session, but my skill level is nowhere near to that of Professor Godfree’s. This brings me to my second category where I have some basic experience, but anyone else with better knowledge is welcome to do the job 

-	Use of other statistical packages like Stata

-	Creating basic diagrams using Gnuplot, the PSTrix package, etc.

-	Data sonification (basic graphs)

-	Working with Spreadsheet functions and formulas (this caters more to the real world applications)

Bert, a member of this list, and currently pursuing a doctoral thesis in Development Economics is also good with Statistical packages.


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> Subject: [Blindmath] Summer University workshop in Vienna
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> Date: Friday, December 18, 2009, 3:50 AM
> Hello listers, I need some advice
> from all you good people and would also like to invite you
> to participate in this workshop.  It will be held on
> Monday-Tuesday, July 12-13 in Vienna, Austria.  The
> workshop is free, and all participants will be given free
> registration for the main ICCHP conference (International
> Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs),
> held on July 14-16 at the same venue. Unfortunately there is
> presently no major sponsor, so both participants and
> presenters must find their own funding for travel and living
> costs during the workshop and conference.  We expect
> between twenty and forty student participants but thus far
> we have not set a maximum.
> The workshop is aimed at students in high school or
> university who are blind and need to learn how best to
> access math and science.  There are still a couple of
> teaching positions that are open too - including a tutorial
> presenter on access to Statistics software.  Jonathan
> Godfrey, our own expert on that topic, will probably not be
> able to find funding for him to come from New Zealand, so I
> am hoping there may be another volunteer who can find
> funding??
> The advice I am seeking is your feedback on what needs to
> be covered. The format will be tutorials in two hour
> sessions.  A particularly hearty student could take as
> many as eight in two days.  The more popular ones will
> be given multiple times.  Topics presently on the
> agenda include the following:
> From ViewPlus, tutorials on Accessible Graphics, Audio
> Graphing Calculator, and Embossing Math/Science
> Documents.  From Infty, tutorials on the Infty Reader
> math OCR software and ChattyInfty, the accessible math
> reader/edditor application.  The Lambda group will
> present on the Lambda code for math.  Several other
> topics are under discussion including one on latex, but they
> are not yet confirmed.
> I would be very grateful for your advice on what needs to
> be presented in this workshop.
> John Gardner
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