[Blindmath] Drawing Graphs in College Level Math Course

Missy Garber mgarbertvi at comcast.net
Sun Jun 7 19:57:16 CDT 2009

A mom on another email list posted the following question which pertains to
an assignment her daughter was given. Her daughter is taking a math course
in her first year of college. Can anyone offer some advice for her? How
would you approach this task? I'll paste her question below.


Is it possible for a totally blind person to do a math problem
that requires them to draw the following:

A connected graph with five vertices each of degree 4 with:
1. no loops and no multiple edges
2. loops but no multiple edges
3. multiple edges but no loops
4. both multiple edges and loops

This particular blind person has a draftsman
drawing board but has only drawn basic shapes for previous math
classes in public school. She is able to interpret (these types
of) diagrams fairly well if they are drawn and brailled/labeled
accurately which is usually not the case. Is there a way to
accommodate this?

I have heard that some or a least a few of the totally blind
college students in this area have the math classes
waived--eventually. This is not the preferred route. An
advisor put her in this class.

Ugh!!! and thank you!

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