[Blindmath] [bana-announce] BANA to Evaluate NUBS

Jason White jason at jasonjgw.net
Sat Mar 7 00:56:13 CST 2009

This is excellent news!

Congratulations are due to Abraham Nemeth and all involved in the development
of this system, which is a wonderful gift to braille readers everywhere.

Having read early drafts of this code, I now look forward to reading the
completed document.

Based on early drafts, I personally think NUBS is an improvement upon the 1972
Nemeth code, and that it is superior to systems derived from the British
braille mathematics code, a form of which I grew up with at school, since it
was the system used here in Australia at the time. I also think NUBS is vastly
better than UEBC, which, in general terms, has more similarities to the
British system.

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