[Blindmath] Scanning Math

Jessica Trask jess28 at samobile.net
Sun Apr 11 16:01:01 UTC 2010

I don't believe Math can be scanned becasuse it willl come out as 
nonsense. The student might be stuck using the tutoring services at the 
college. Because unless the college is willing to pay to get the math 
book brailled which would be the only way that the student would be 
able to independently access the information Mosy t colleges aren't 
going to be willing to pay the money especially one right now to get 
the math book brailled. My fiancee when he was studying Business at one 
of the local community colleges in our area was going to have to take a 
Math class or two. And, he would have had to use the tutoring services 
at the college.

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