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Hello Peter,

Here is a site for some reference sheets from the Texas School for the Blind. On it are links to Algebra I, Algebra 2, and Geometry signs and symbols in PDF, Megadots, and BFR files.

These tables explain the symbol, the nemeth, the description and the ASCII (keyboard keys to use to produce these symbols). These are, in my opinion, some of the best nemeth resources I have used. I embossed the BRF files for the student I work with when she was in seventh grade. She is currently taking college algebra this year and has already used these reference sheets.

I hope you find these links helpful and that you find the support you need to help you become successful in this course.

Constanza S. Baker
Braille Specialist Aide

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> Hi Peter,
>    It sounds like one of the best things right now would bee to 
> consider one 
>  of two things. (a) switch from this to an alg, trig, or pre-calc 
> course. If 
>  you do not remember any of that material, and have not had trig, you 
> are 
>  likely going to benefit a lot more from the above and taking calc in 
> a 
>  semester or two than struggling through it right now. Ask yourself 
> when 
>  making this decision, what grade am I likely to get now, do I want 
> that on 
>  my transcripts, and if I wait, take a catch-up course or two and then 
> take 
>  calc next semester is my grade likely to go up (it sounds like the 
> answer is 
>  probably yes). (b) If a is not an option, the other option you might 
>  consider is to take the semester off. As Matthew notes a bit harshly, 
> you do 
>  sound like you have a lot on your plate and perhaps taking the 
> semester off 
>  would be of help.
>    If neither of the above will work, you could always see if your 
> school 
>  offers tutoring. Most universities have something like a success 
> center or 
>  other center that is equip with tutors in different fields.
>  Best of luck,
>  Christine
>  Christine M. Szostak
>  Graduate Student
>  Language Perception Laboratory
>  Department of Psychology, Cognitive Area
>  The Ohio State University
>  Columbus, Ohio
>  szostak.1 at osu.edu
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>  > In all honesty, you sound like you have way too much on your plate 
> to be 
>  > taking such an involved class. If you just moved into this new 
> place then 
>  > it will be a stressful time of course since there's lots of phone 
> calls to 
>  > be mae and lots of things that have to be organized and completed 
> quickly. 
>  > You also have alcohol problems which won't make your life any 
> easier. 
>  > You've not learned Nemeth so that will be another stressor. I'm 
> sure 
>  > you'll have to adapt to this new school too which is yet another 
> stressor. 
>  > In short, this calculus class is way too much for you right now. 
> Learn how 
>  > to access your math content, then learn the actual math. Learning 
> how to 
>  > read at the same time you will be expected to read E. O. Wilson's 
>  > Consilience by the end of the month is just too much. There is 
> nothing 
>  > anyone here on this list that can do anything to help you. If you 
> continue 
>  > with this mind set that you will force yourself to understand and 
> will 
>  > emerge a calculus genius with sheer determinati!
>  > on by the end of the quarter is a bit much right now. You might be 
> able to 
>  > pull this cramming off for a week or two, but once your first 
> midterm 
>  > comes along you're gonna start blaming the world again for your 
> lack of 
>  > preparation.
>  >
>  > Matthew
>  >
>  > From: Peter Wolfe
>  > Sent: Friday, August 20, 2010 10:58 PM
>  > To: blindmath at nfbnet.org
>  > Subject: [Blindmath] Cal questions
>  >
>  >
>  > Blind Math List:
>  >
>  >
>  >     It's me Petere again with some calculus issues again. I just
>  > moved into my new apartment with recieving my nemeth code book with
>  > algebra, trigonometry and geometry textbooks as well. I just started
>  > with calculus and quite frankly its overwhelming me right now. First
>  > off, I haven't had precalculus in two and a half years from a little
>  > community college, which coddled you with a tutor. I don't know nemeth
>  > code either and the test on previous knowledge is on Monday with no
>  > grade on my overall grade in the course.
>  >     So, I'm trying to start off in the right order. I'm not even sure
>  > as I don't use precalculus nor have any knowledge in trig to know what
>  > all signs I need. Unfortunately timing is a huge issue with the e-mail
>  > from the professor being very slow in coming in enough time for me 
> as
>  > a blind student to convert over to braille in which I wish to learn
>  > calculus in. Moreover, learning the algebra, geometry and trig signs
>  > with rules and steps is going to be hard with learning calculus as
>  > well. I'm just trying to remember some precalculus but if you don't
>  > use it you forget it. Two pieces of advice is wait to see how the test
>  > goes or continue onward. Well, I don't remember anything cause like 
> I
>  > said "If you don't use it you forget it" and this doesn't matter how
>  > smart you think you are either. Its causing me serious faith questions
>  > right now with serious fighting with bouts of alcoholic fits with
>  > rages and violence as well.
>  >     Thanks for anymore advice you guys might charitably give to me.
>  > I'm just trying to know where to start on this monumental problem of
>  > mathematics in braille for a computer science and perhaps software
>  > engineering student. How much would I just need to memorize in the
>  > future or not cause multiple signals constantly found and recieved 
> as
>  > well. Damn I just get stumpt as to being a former visual learner 
> and a
>  > tactical learning person cause now I'm far slower than I used to be.
>  > I'm even thinking about asking a muslim professor I know in another
>  > engineering field to help me out if he can. The apathetic christian
>  > elite doesn't apparently give a rats including professors or anybody.
>  > Trying to get a tutor recommmendation is pathetically dragful and
>  > pathetic as well. More liberal schools are better in my opinion in
>  > this respect just in over my head in the temporary hopefully cause
>  > wasting three years and two years of dormitoryt and a year of
>  > apartment rent must be a bitch for people that paid for it including
>  > social security and grants and etc as well. I'd hate to fail in this
>  > far into the game cause its sort of wasting other peoples
>  > opportunities.
>  >
>  > sincerely,
>  > Peter
>  >
>  >
>  > -- 
>  > Peter Q. Wolfe, AS
>  > sunspot005 at gmail.com
>  >
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