[Blindmath] Does Jaws care about font?

Jose Tamayo jtblas at hotmail.com
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Forgive me if I am out of line with these comments:

this is a resource list and people who send messages here want answers.  I
don't think suggesting another Screen Reader provides the answer this person
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there are other screen readers around, you know.
You can identify fonts with window eyes.

At 21:54 06/02/2010, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>well, I am still having problems with some graphics in 
>ScratchLive.  The programmers want to know if Jaws cares about what 
>font is used?  In the latest beta build they switched from Helvetica 
>Nueue to Helvetica, would this matter?  In the latest build I have 
>lost a ton of accessibility and we are trying to figure out if the 
>font change is the culprit.  Can anyone give me some info to share 
>with them on what kind of graphics work well for jaws?  They are 
>using pixel images for there graphics.  Does this matter?  are there 
>other properties that can cause Jaws trouble in terms of seeing the
>Thanks all, any help is greatly appreciated.
>Gian Pedulla
>GianniP46 at earthlink.net
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