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What camera is FS producing? If this is too far off topic, please email
me privately.

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Hello all, I am writing to introduce myself.  I am a student at the
University of Texas at Austin.  I am studying Geography with a
consontration in meteorology.  U T has not had a formal Meteorology
program for a few decades so I am making due with the classes that will
lead to a graduate program at another university.  Part of the
preperations include math, physics, and a lot of computer programming.
Due to medical issues my college education has taken longer than I had
first planned, but I just had a surgery from a surgeon who is known
around the world for fixing the specific ankle issue I have.  I use a
Seeing Eye Dog named Blanche.  She is a Black Lab.  She does wonders on
the U T campus.  It is one of the largest campuses in the united states.
I also use the Braille Note GPS 2010 to navigate.  Computer wise I use
JAWS and Openbook.  I cannot wait until the new camera that Freedom
Scientific comes out.  This will make the unreadable finally readable.
I don't know how it will help with math related issues, but there may be
hope there.  I Would like to become a professor of meteorology.  I have
some thearies about the cyclonic development of super cellular storms
and how they produce tornados.  It has to do with some research I read
about the lack of lightning that was noted around storms that were soon
to produce either full tornados or funnel clouds.  It may make good
disertation material or a good textbook in the future if it pans out.  I
have no interest of becoming one of the TV folks who have to keep their
viewers happy.  I know a number of these TV people and they are great
forecasters, but they have ratings and what not to contend with.  I want
to study the true science and not be troubled with the quarterly
ratings.  Well anyways, I am 25 years old, and I have a few other
passions in life.  I like reptiles a lot.  I keep a few snakes as pets
at home.  I only keep species that stay below four feet long, and
species that are not agressive.  The other hobby I have is the Martial
arts.  I taught martial arts to students in a school for a few years
before I got tired of deciding what foot to limp on after class.  It was
so much fun, and I keep up my skills.  I have turned my Garage into a
karate Studio.  It is fully equipt with punching dummies that look like
human figures and every kind of martial arts weapon you could dream
exist.  My ankle problems have slowed down my kicks and foot techniques,
but there are plenty of hand techniques to keep me busy.  Well that is a
little about me.  I hope all is well with all on this list.  You can be
sure I will have math questions when I progress beyond the relm of
normal nemeth code.  

Best Wishes,
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