[Blindmath] MathML issues

Mary Stores mstores at indiana.edu
Fri Oct 22 20:22:47 UTC 2010

Hello, Neil, Birkir and Susan

Thanks for your help. I got MathPlayer to work. There are lots of 
issues with that web site I sent yesterday, but at least the issues 
don't relate to MathPlayer now.

Take care, and thanks so much for your help.


Quoting Neil Soiffer <NeilS at dessci.com>:

> We are not aware of any problems with IE(6,7,8) and JAWS.  One problem users
> sometimes have is the security alert that Birkir mentions.  I don't know how
> JAWS conveys that -- from what Birkir says, it sounds like you need to use
> F6 3 times to find it.  You might check with a sighted colleague also and
> ask them if they see the little bar near the top of the window.  Perhaps in
> your upgrades, some previous acceptance where you said it was ok to run
> MathPlayer got wiped out or perhaps upgrading to MathPlayer 2.2 caused it to
> warn you again.
> Naturally, we wish MathPlayer didn't trigger that warning, but there is
> nothing we can do about it.
> Good luck in fixing your problem,
> Neil Soiffer
> Senior Scientist
> Design Science, Inc.
> www.dessci.com
> ~ Makers of MathType, MathFlow, MathPlayer, MathDaisy, Equation Editor ~

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