[Blindmath] NVDA - chrome - gmail editor problems

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Tue Dec 6 04:38:35 CST 2011

If you go to:

you can report problems from there.


At 12:14 PM 12/5/2011, you wrote:
>I know that this is not the correct forum for this message, and for this I
>apologize. However, perhaps someone on this forum will know of the correct
>forum and forward this message to that forum.
>After much frustration and continued troubleshooting, I have determined
>that when running NVDA under Vista Home Premium Edition, with the speaker
>muted, the Gmail editor running under Google Chrome doesn't work properly.
>Many characters are simply ignored and other characters seem to be treated
>as control characters. I was running NVDA in its default configuration
>except that I had slowed down the speech and selected all punctuation. As
>mentioned, I had the computer speaker muted, which may by why it took me so
>long to determine the cause of the problem.
>This is not the case when running NVDA and using Gmail with Firefox 8. They
>seem to coexist with no problems under the conditions listed above.
>I don't know about using NVDA and Gmail with IE9. I haven't tried it.
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