[Blindmath] Accessible charts, graphs, maps, etc.

Ed Summers Ed.Summers at sas.com
Sun Dec 11 14:32:16 CST 2011

My name is Ed Summers. I am a blind software engineer and an accessibility specialist. I lead the accessibility team at SAS Institute.

SAS has formed a new W3C Community Group to drive standards that will facilitate the accessibility of charts, graphs, maps, and other data visualizations. I hope you will join and share your expertise. More details below.


The goal of the Accessible Infographics w3c community group is to make charts, graphs, maps and other data visualizations as accessible as possible to all. The plan is to:
* bring together experts and pioneers in the fields of data visualization and accessibility
* create use cases and requirements in a systematic manner
* devise and propose additions to SVG and other standards that will facilitate the accessibility of graphical representations of data
* document best practices and tutorials for making graphical representations of data accessible

Join the group here:

Ed Summers
SAS Institute, Inc.

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