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Michael Whapples mwhapples at aim.com
Tue Dec 3 22:50:53 UTC 2013

Not sure why Jaws would jumble the content (may be an FS special 
feature). Have you tried it with NVDA to see whether NVDA jumbles the 

Could you give more of a clue what you mean by jumbled,is it the content 
of one slide is jumbled with itself or does content from different 
slides jumble together?

As for the cursor key, you probably will have that issue with most 
screen readers. Most have a bypass key to allow the next key press to 
pass to the application as normal, I would hope Jaws would have such a 
key but you never know. In NVDA it is NVDA+f2. Also could you manually 
put Jaws into forms mode and see whether the cursor then leads to moving 
between slides?

How does moving between slides actually work?  Does it get the browser 
to perform a page navigation or is it just scrolling, or something else? 
If it were scrolling then I could imagine you having trouble getting 
what a screen reader reads and what is shown on screen to match. This is 
one of the things I like about PDF based slides, although there is 
obviously limitations to accessibility of certain content in PDF (IE. 

Michael Whapples
On 03/12/2013 21:33, Godfrey, Jonathan wrote:
> Hi all,
> The presenter of the talk on graphics used html to create his slides.
> When I open his talk in Firefox, without JAWS running, I can display the slide show in the same way as the presenter. If JAWS is running though, I can't actually follow the slides at all as the content gets either jumbled, or I can't move onto the next slide using the arrow key which JAWS has hold of.
> Anyone got any ideas of what questions I might ask or things I can try to get the slide show reading properly by JAWS?
> Btw: His slide show doesn't work in internet explorer 9 at all even without JAWS running.
> I like the opportunities html presentations do offer in terms of what gets read by JAWS and what doesn't. I need to be sure that what I am reading is actually being displayed for the audience though.
> Jonathan
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