[Blindmath] thoughts on a PIAF please

Gerald Sacks gerald.e.sacks at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 18:22:18 CST 2013

I use a Brother laser printer (actually, an all-in-one) for creating  
swell paper graphics. I feed the American Thermoform paper through  
the single-sheet slot. I'd be afraid to even try an expensive  
commercial copier due to the possibility of the paper's coating  
melting and ruining the machine.

BTW, there's another brand of PIAF-like machines -- TIE (Tactile  
Image Enhancer) made by Repro-Tronics Inc. For a short time, they  
even made a budget version, the TIE Junior, which they sold for  
something like $400. I was lucky enough to pick one up on eBay for a  
bargain price.

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