[Blindmath] Accessible PDF testing

Faiz Rasool faiz7r at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 10:23:22 CST 2013

Please feel free to send me the report, I'll be very happy to review it.

Faiz7r at gmail.com.


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Hi all,
I wondered if I could ask if there are any list members who have a spare
couple of minutes to simply open a report that my team has produced and give
me quick feedback on its Accessibility? We created it using LaTeX, have run
a range of post-processing checks on it, and have just had it formally
reviewed by AbilityNet - but I would hugely appreciate some first-hand
comments from a specialist membership such as this list who may use a range
of screen readers or other technologies. One of my colleagues tried to read
it using Zoomtext and did not seem to have much luck, but AbilityNet have
told me that their tests with Jaws were successful.

I don't want to take up much of anyone's time, but will happily pass on the
URL (or email a PDF) to anyone who can spare a small amount of time.

I should warn you that it is a report on the Dental Workforce in Scotland -
so if you are having trouble sleeping it may come in handy...

Claire Tochel
NHS Education for Scotland

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Subject: Accessible documents - alternate text in LaTeX

Hi all,
I am new to this forum so I hope that my query is appropriate.

I work in a team which uses LaTeX to produce analytical reports for
Government, Health Boards, healthcare professionals and the public in
Scotland. We are trying to make our reports as Accessible as possible, but I
have not been able to work out if it's possible to automatically build in
alternate text to figures and tables. I know how to do this manually as
post-processing in Adobe Acrobat, but it is time consuming and has to be
done for each new version of a document, which is obviously very

Do you know if there is a way of building this in to the LaTeX code?

I would also appreciate any other tips or advice when preparing technical
reports in LaTeX to maximise their Accessibility to potential readers with
visual impairments.



Claire Tochel
c.tochel at nhs.net<mailto:c.tochel at nhs.net>
NHS Education for Scotland
0131 313 8085


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