[Blindmath] SPSS 21 Accessibility

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Hi Faiz,

Yes, you're right. I downloaded the wrong file. Now, It's:
SPSS v21 for Windows 64 bit 
Win 7/64/Win 8/64

I'll google Stata to know more about it. I'm not sure if it would be
applicable for this course or not. I know that SAS is not applicable as an
example because we will mainly use statistic for research related to

The aim of this module is to provide an introduction to the use of
statistical methods for the analysis of quantitative data and their
application in a range of disciplinary contexts. This will include both
descriptive statistics and elementary inferential statistics. The emphasis
will be on the practical application of statistical methods and the
interpretation of results using the statistical computer software SPSS.
Little previous knowledge of statistics and no previous knowledge of SPSS
are assumed. One of the learning outcome is to be able to carry out and
interpret statistical analyses (including hypothesis tests about means and
proportions, the chi-squared test of independence, one-way ANOVA, and simple
linear regression) using SPSS.

The suggested reading books which cover the course material, for this course
- Field, A. (2009). Discovering Statistics using SPSS (3rd edition). London:
- Gomez.  Statistical Methods in Language and Linguistic Research, published
by Equinox.
- Connolly, P. (2007). Quantitative Data Analysis in Education: a Critical
Introduction Using SPSS. London: Routledge. 
- Diamond, I. and Jefferies, J. (2000). Beginning Statistics: an
Introduction for Social Scientists. London: Sage.
- Salkind, N. J. (2010). Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate
Statistics (4th edition). Sage: London.
- electronic resource for material covered during the course (in effect, an
electronic statistics textbook) is available 
online at: http://www.statsoft.com/textbook/stathome.html.

I heard that Window-eyes 8 should work with SPSS because of WE8 latest java
implementation. Any further clarification in this? For Jaws 14 and NVDA, do
I have to change any default settings to have them work with SPSS 21? Are
there any instructions that I should take into consideration before
attempting to use SPSS21?

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I should point out that SPSS 21 with all modules is a download of around 900
MB. So please  look into it. 

Secondly, SPSS is not  completely accessible. You cannot enter your data in
the data editor. The workaround is  that the data is  entered in excel and
then imported to SPSS. You can use the  menus in  SPSS to perform tasks like
creating a new variable, giving value labels, requesting for computations
like regression and other analytical techniques. But  when it comes to
reading the output you need to export the output window to Ms word before it
can be read with any screen reading software. I should add that often Jaws
behaves very sluggishly  when  we  try to open menu items, and
I've found NVDA to be more   stable in when working with menus in the data

Along with R, I've read that Stata is also accessible with screen readers,
but I've  very limited experience of working with stata so cannot  comment,
perhaps some other member  would be able to give opinions about Stata.
You've already received a link about resources for R. 


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Hi all!


I'm taking a course in Quantitative Methods. It's a core requirement and we
are using SPSS for inputting and analysing data. I've never used SPSS
before, so I have some questions.


First of all how accessible SPSS is, and which screen reader has the best

I downloaded:

SPSS AMOS v21 for Windows ONLY

Win 7/64/Win 7/32/Win 8/64/Win 8/32



The machine I'm using has Windows 7 64 bit. I can install any screen reader
that would work with SPSS. 


I should report to the university the accessibility of SPSS on Monday, so
all details I can get over the weekend are greatly appreciated. 

Best Regards,



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