[Blindmath] JAWS and SPSS 21

vincent martin vmartin at mindspring.com
Sun Feb 17 15:24:31 CST 2013

I have experienced the same level of accessibility with version 21 this
weekend as I have had in the past.  I could input data into SPSS by
importing from Excel and then exporting the results.  I experienced the same
sluggishness with the  menus as well.  The real issue can still be getting
your system, in conjunction with the JAVA access bridge to work with your
screen reader.  I routinely have had to deal with it working on a 32 bit
machine and then not work on the 64 bit one and vice versa  I just don't
have time to explain all the nuances that can occur, but your disability
services people might be the ones to deal with these issues.
Also, I haven't upgraded my Window Eyes version from 7.5 to 8.0 yet, but
hopefully get this done in the next month.  I would love to see what kind of
results I can get with it as well.  
In the long run, you will get more power and usefulness from learning to use
SAS or "R" but they both require you to really learn to program in their
respective languages.  The reason why my research is still in the area of
addressing the interfaces is because the majority of people that have to
take Data Analyst or basic Statistics only need the basics.  Learning the
nuances of the syntax editor in SPSS or the command line instructions with
SAS and "R" is not a comparable ease of use for them.

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