[Blindmath] Bringing notes to an exam

Tim in 't Veld tim at dvlop.nl
Sun Feb 24 04:13:08 CST 2013


Such comparisons are hardly meaningful.
With mathematics there are way too many factors involved to define a 
uniform ratio between regular pages and pages of braille. Not only does 
braille take up much more space by definition, your student may need 
some extra space to enable him to easily browse the notes during the exam.

  I'd not impose a fixed limit.  Of course if the student comes up with 
a stack of 100 pages that's going to be questionable but no sensible 
student would do that anyway.

The limit is not even that clearly fixed for sighted students - they 
could just use a tiny font, write a few formulae on a single line, ... 
if they really wanted a large volume of notes. Needless to say such 
options are unavailable to a blind student.

On 24-2-2013 01:04, Gabriela Moats wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> A student I work with is taking a Calculus exam where students are allowed
> to bring in one double-sided page of notes. We're trying to figure out what
> a comparable equivalent to that would be for this blind student. How many
> extra pages should he be allowed since Braille tends to take up more space?
> Should it be printed out Braille or could it be on his notetaking device?
> Does anyone have any experience with providing a similar accommodation?
> Thanks everyone!
> Gabriela

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