[Blindmath] Nemeth Symbols for Calculus

Justin Salisbury PRESIDENT at alumni.ecu.edu
Tue Mar 12 13:48:58 CDT 2013

Hello everyone,

                I am now learning how to do math in Braille instead of depending on my residual vision.  I am taking a calculus course to help myself have a realistic environment in which to apply the Nemeth code.  I have learned the Nemeth code in basic forms but do not yet know any of the calculus symbols in Nemeth.  Does anyone have any good resources for me to find them?  I most particularly  need the limit symbols, sigma notation, and derivative and integral symbols right now.  I expect to need log and natural log symbols soon, too.

By the way, I have a full undergraduate degree in math but am now learning the nonvisual way before going to grad school in the fall.

Take care, and thank you all in advance.


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