[Blindmath] relearning calculus

Sina Bahram sbahram at nc.rr.com
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I think others might chime in with better resources, and I know that this
might be taken somewhat as comedy, but believe it or not, I actually found
these two videos to be super useful, as well as super crazy. This is
calculus in 20 minutes, parts 1 and 2.

Part 1:

part 2 (not sure if this link still works. They took part 2 down from

now, if you want an actual course, I recommend Kahn Academy. It's good
stuff. Here's his calculus series. Btw, it's all free.


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I need to relearn calculus. I have a BS in math so 30years ago I went 
way beyond calculus. But I don't remember a darn thing from back then. 
Can anyone recommend a good on-line course or perhaps just a place with 
good accessibility that offers on-line math courses?

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