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I wonder if the new BrailleNote has added support for Nemeth spoken math.
There are some severe gotchas I encountered a couple of years ago with doing
Nemeth on the BrailleNote and I wonder if they have fixed them.  First, the
Nemeth tutorial was really good on The BrailleNote, I had it myself.  On the
other hand, Nemeth was not spoken when used on the BraileNote apps.
Humanware did not provide instructions on getting the brailleNote to
properly speak Nemeth.  Thus, if you wanted to do Nemeth outside of the
tutorial, you were better off working on a laptop with the Tutorial from Dr.

I do recommend the Nemeth BrailleNote tutorial by Dr. Kapperman as it is
excellent if you already have a BrailleNote.

I am on the fence regarding the Nemeth support on the brailleNote.  Quite
frankly, if you have a laptop and a Braille Display, you are better off
going in that direction.  Some of my material is dated and I tried to
confirm it but Humanware requires that you purchase their brailleNote and
they won't provide  an evaluation unit for testing.

You have to switch to computer braille to utilize the tools available for
preparing materials to be submitted to your instructors.  For example, if
you want to take your Nemeth code from your BrailleNote to a final to turn
in to the instructor, you do need some tools and those tools require that
you prepare the material to be consumed in a certain way by the various
disparate systems.  In the process of performing the steps, the BrailleNoet
presents a couple of limitations that will delay the conversion process.  

Steps that I used to take :
1.  Prepare the braille on the BrailleNote using computer braille.
2.  Exported the braille to a BRF file 
3. Brought the braille into a tool for conversion to LaTeX 
4.  Used another set of tools to create a final PDF for submission to the

Of course, I am providing very little detail but step 1 has a couple of
solutions, one which is the use of a braille display and a laptop.  While I
do like the BrailleNote, I had some severe limitations with the way it
handled copying and pasting of braille text. 

I can provide additional details!

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Humanware  sells our Nemeth Code tutorial which functions on a BrailleNote.
If he has a BrailleNote, it will cost not to much more to purchse the key to
turn the Nemeth code tutorail on.
Gaylen Kapperman

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>A friend of mine has asked for:
>"Braille materials for basic math, especially fractions and decimals."
>I have recommended the introductory Nemeth resource guide from APH.  If 
>anyone here has any further recommendations, please contact him, 
>Preston, directly, at:
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