[Blindmath] Tech aids for Math

Shalini Menon shalini1394 at gmail.com
Fri May 24 12:30:46 UTC 2013


I’m not really sure what the best way would be for me to take down and
work out my math problems in college. I’ve previously been doing all
my Math on the Perkins brailler using Nemeth code. Would I be able to
do math on a note taker? I already have a Pac mate with a qwerty
keyboard and a refreshable braille display. To be honest, I haven’t
used it very much, (I’m from India, and there isn’t anyone to teach me
how to use it here.) I will be coming to the United States to do my
under graduation, and I was wondering how most students who are blind
would do Math in college. Is it possible to use the keys, SDF and JKL
as the keys of the Perkins brailler so I can input math using the
Nemeth code? From what I have heard, converting this into print will
be difficult, but I will be using my notes for my own reference.
Is it easier to do Math on the Braille note? Should I switch over to it instead?

Thanks a lot,

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