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Hi, the members of Blindmath mailing list
 I'm a visually impaired person currently enrolled in the high-school curriculum emphasizing on scientific and mathematic study in Thailand.
 Through my primary to middle school, we are not allowed to use any kind of calculator in the examination room so I never own one.
 However, since the introduction of high-school curriculum, my instructor told us that we are “required” to use the scientific calculator in the examination
room. Furthermore, from looking at the exercise sheets that my instructor has given me, it is quite impossible to solve the questions by hand (at least
in the time given for the test); thus, the requirement above.
 This set me on a quest for a talking scientific calculator which led me to find the Orion Ti-84+ talking calculator that fits all my needs.
 Unfortunately, my contact with APH this morning reviewed that the unit will not be available until next year. (Which is way past my examination date.).
So, here is my question: is there any way that I can get this calculator from other than APH?
 Or, is there any talking scientific calculator that is comparable to the Orion?
My requirement right now is that it must do fraction and scientific notation, can work with many levels of parenthesis, be able to calculate trigonometric
function, universal exponent and root, and solve real number 1 variable equation
If anybody has any information or recommendation please let me know.
Thanks in advance
P.S. sorry for my bad English.
P.S.2. Sorry if this is the duplicate; I didn't see my previous post on the list.
Best regards
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