[Blindmath] IBM SPSS21 and NVDA

Paula Hobley awesomepresence at paulahobley.com
Tue Oct 29 07:03:49 UTC 2013

Hi there


I am about to start using SPSS21 with NVDA.  After much exploration,
Window-Eyes resulting in the program crashing and Jaws not working at all,
it is looking like MVDA is the best option.  Can anybody direct me to some
useful resources that will teach me how to use SPSS21. I notice that I can
read my data when it is imported into SPS
S, but can't enter data directly into the program itself.  Also, from my
internet searching, I see that in order to read the output, you need to
export to Microsoft Word. Is it therefor better to analyse one variable at a
time?  Any tips for efficient SPSS use would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks





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