[Blindmath] Calculus, Mathematica, and the Macintosh

Smith, Andrew smitha3 at students.rowan.edu
Sat Jan 18 22:53:17 UTC 2014

Hello all,
I am a college student majoring in Computer Science.  This semester, I
am taking a Calculus course, and I will be needing a program that
evaluates limits, sums, derivatives, integrals, simplifies fractions,
etc.  The obvious candidate is Mathematica, however from what I can
gather, it is inaccessible on the Macintosh with VoiceOver.

Is there a way to make Mathematica accessible on the Macintosh; or,
failing that, is there another program that is preferred?  The rest of
the class will be using the TI89 calculator, but to the best of my
knowledge there is no way to make that accessible.

I will also be needing to read documents that utilize MathType.  Is
there a way to read this with a screen reader?
Thanks for all help and suggestions.

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