[Blindmath] JAWS and Latex

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Speech and symth manager. You can control how punctuation is spoken.

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You can control how any character or word is pronounced using the JAWS
pronunciation dictionary, insert-d to start.


At 11:01 AM 1/24/2014, you wrote:
>I've been listening to some latex using JAWS and have run into some 
>issues beside it just being a slog to listen to all those brackets.  If 
>I have a negative number it reads the negative sign as dash rather than 
>minus.  That's fairly minor.  The bigger issue is if I have a variable 
>denoted by the letter a it reads it using a soft a sound rather than 
>hard a sound. This can be a major problem with something a times c 
>which it reads as awk. While I l suppose you can get use to this, this 
>combined sound is read so fast it takes me a second to realize what 
>I've just heard and I have the advantage of actually seeing what's 
>being read.
>Is there some kind of JAWS setting, or way of creating the Latex, that 
>would result in a more normal sounding reading?
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