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Sandy if you can find a TVI in your area, they will be able to help this student immensely. The sad thing is to realize that if he was taking a test, the class material should also have been available to him. It is a fair test, and as a TVI I am always preparing materials such as this, so sadly the student it seems did not have access to them as he studied.

Feel free to contact me offline and I will see if I can help. Mlewicki at bcsd.neric.org<mailto:Mlewicki at bcsd.neric.org>

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On Mar 11, 2014, at 11:27 AM, "John Gardner" <gardnerj at onid.orst.edu<mailto:gardnerj at onid.orst.edu>> wrote:

Access to graphs will be poor unless the student has some kind of tactile
representation.  I believe that everybody on this list will agree with that
statement.  However not every blind person can understand tactile graphics,
so before doing anything else, this is a topic that you need to discuss with
him.  If he is among the very small number of blind people who are
comfortable with tactile graphics, then you need to purchase some equipment
to make them, and there are many possibilities.  If he is not comfortable
with reading tactile, then my recommendation is to make audio tactile
graphics copeies for him, because most people can read tactile copy if there
is good audio to accompany it.  Full disclosure: my company, ViewPlus, is
the pioneer in this technology, so if you do this, you'll be buying from

So please, before this discussion goes on into myriad detail, you need to
have the conversation with your student.  And for my own benefit, I'd like
to know why this topic has not already come up.  Learning about graphs only
when they appear on a test is kind of late.

John Gardner

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This is my first time to post to this list-serv as I only recently knew it
existed.  I am new to the field of disabilities having been in this position
a little over a year.  Here is my problem:

I have a blind student taking Math 099.  He comes to my office and I read
the test to him.  Today the instructor brought me a test and it's on graphs,
and axes, and slopes of lines, x & y intercepts, etc...  I have no idea how
to read this test to this student!!   Is this even a reasonable test for
this student?  Any ideas on how I can help him?

I announced in class for a student worker to help him but nobody

We have in our library tutors who help him with assignments but they don't
have the time to read a test to him as they are helping other students.

We have JAWS, Openbooks, and a Pearl reading solution on a computer in our
library.  I was wondering if this is capable of reading tests to him?

Thanks for any assistance.


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