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That's embarrassing ... My apologies. Try this link instead.

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What you uploaded to Dropbox was only the shortcut to your file. The
shortcut still points to a file on your computer. Please upload the actual
docx file and we can look at it.


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Hi all,
I used MS Word 2010, Math Type 6.9 and DBT 11.2 to translate the file below
into a .brf file with Nemeth code. It worked pretty well, but then I got
further into the document and realized that some formulas were mistranslated
and others were missing entirely. Opening the original file and attempting
the alt-\ command to translate troublesome formulae into LaTeX crashed Word.
Does anyone know what might be going wrong, and what I can do to fix it? The
file can be found at
A missing formula can be found on page 57, under the paragraph that ends "If
we do so (and you are not required to) then the optimal portfolio of risky
assets will be"
An example of a mistranslated formula (or one that just looks funny) can be
found on page 70 in the solution to Example-1. These are not the only
examples, but it would appear everything before page 57 is readable.

Thank you for your help and suggestions.


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