[Blindmath] math track

Hajas Dániel d.hajas.lists at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 12:25:41 UTC 2015

Hi All,


Recently I downloaded the application developed by NASA called Math track.


For those of you who use it, does it work fine? What I experienced is that
both on XP and Windows 7 with JAWS it gives an error message when trying to
plot an equation. It works just fine with y=c and x=c, however, if I enter
any custom equation or pick any equation from the drop down menu other than
the constant plots, it says in the graph description that Math track
encountered a problem and I should restart it. Well, I did a number of times
but all the same result.


This is version 1.2. Please let me know if you think I am doing something
wrong or if the application simply doesn't work any longer.


Best wishes,




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